Bowling Etiquette

Let’s keep bowling fun for everyone. Please observe these simple rules.

When Open Bowling:

  • Always wear bowling shoes
  • Remove your street shoes at an appropriate place, particularly if they are wet
  • When paying per string one practice frame is allowed, then please begin scoring (Lanes are also available per hour)
  • Wait for bowlers on the lanes to your right
  • Do not stray from your lane when delivering the ball
  • Do not roll a ball when the red reset indicator light is on
  • Wait until the pinsetting machine has completed its cycle and the sweep bar is raised before rolling the ball
  • Keep food and drinks in designated area

When League Bowling:

  • Be on time for your league and be ready to bowl when it’s your turn
  • If you are going to be absent inform your league to allow them to possibly find a substitute for you


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