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yankeecoverShelburne Falls Bowling Alley Featured As “Local Treasure”  in Yankee Magazine

“The perfect spot for candlepin diehards” is how Aimee Seavey of Yankee Magazine describes the Shelburne Falls Bowling Alley in the January/February 2014 issue of Yankee magazine. An interview with Joanne Gaulin along with new and old photos of the bowling alley are included in the two-page “Local Treasure” section of the magazine. Gaulin, who owns the bowling alley with partner Tammy Dubuque, was interviewed by Seavey in November.

“I could tell right away that Aimee appreciated the history of the place when she came in,” Gaulin said. “As we talked about some of the old bowling scores that are posted, and the generations of locals who have and still bowl there, she understood why Tammy and I enjoy being part of it.”

The article is posted online at Yankee Magazine and can be seen in pdf format by clicking the image below.

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